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Privacy Policy

Instant Courier (IC) is committed to protecting your privacy. The information below covers what information IC recive by mail from the website and how we use it. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us via email at

What information do we recive?
IC recive information volunteered by visitors, such as information collected sent to us by an e-mail, when visiting the IC website. Information IC recives includes personally identifiable information (for example, name, address, and email), No personably identifiable information is collected about individuals without their knowledge.

How is this information used by IC?
IC uses the information you voluntarily provide to help us offer to our clients a problable partner for their offer.

Sharing information with third parties
IC does not make our email list available to third parties.

E-mail policy
IC provide a form on its website where users can sign-up to receive email publications and email notices and topics that interest them. Remember that IC only send its e-mails to the travel industry with content only regarding travel related services or providers. Users can unsubscribe from our email list sending us a mail with the subjet lin "usubscribe or delete from the list" through the unsubscribe link on any email we send you.

The information, promotion and offer that is include in our e-mail blast, are total liability  from the advertiser, leaving Instant Courier without any liability.

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