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Broadcaste-m@iltm Direct Service

Your product or promotion will reach the finnal consumer


Our database contains abour a little more than 10,000 e-mails of executives from important corporations in Mexico.

Using our database your product or promotion will reach a select group or executives from important corporations not just in Mexico City but in the whole republic.

The price of our service is just US$250.00 per e-mail blast.

We appreciate very much your interest in our service.

Now we are pleased to present our service to reach the final consumer, now you can offer your goods and products directly without any intermediaries.

We hope you will use our service soon
Using our mail servers, your mail address won´t be compromised for sending e-mail blasts also your sales and marketing staff will be able to work 100% closing sales, or just selling.

What is the advantage of using Broadcast e-m@il service?
Sending your information or promotions thru us, this will be arriving directly and immediately to the desks or homes of your prospects and the answer to our mails its immediately to the e-mail address that you decide. So the real advantage will be yours among your competition.

Your ISP will not disable your account when if he detects that your e-mail address is sending an unusual amount of mails thinking that your computer is infected by a virus or tryan worm.

How often can I send the messages?
The decision of how often you will send your advertising or information is yours. All depend of your plans of promotion and budget.

How secure will be my clients list?
Your data base will be used only once, as when we finished to send. Once the e-mail blast is sent, we will delete all your recipients list from our system If you need another e-mail blast you will nedd to send us again your list. This to guarantee all of our clints that your client´s lists won´t be used.

All the mails are sent slowly, they are formated and all mail headers are emulated to the format of Oulook Express or Microsoft Outlook i norder to pass spam rules and anti-spam filters set by mail servers that is why a 5,000 recipients e-mail blast will take about 10 hours to be finished

How much does it cost?
The cost of our Broadcast e-m@il dIRECT service is depending of the size of your data basefollowing please find a price list, it has a scale depending of the number or recipients:

FROM 1 TO 5,000 RECIPIENTS US$225.00
FROM 5001 TO 10,000 DESTINATARIOS US$300.00
DE 10,001 A 20,000 DESTINATARIOS US$365.00

Form of Payment?
As your ads will be delivered immediately, the service will be paid in advance, making a deposit in our bank of Los Angeles, you will be informed of our account number and the number of ABA to make bank transfers.

What does it include?
The cost of our Broadcast e-m@il service includes the sending of your message to your database.

How often can I send the messages?
You can send the messages that you want everyday.

How do we pay for this service?
As this is an instant delivery of your information, we need the full payment to be deposited in an American Bank (we will send all the information). Once the deposit has been made you need to inform us via e-mail and then we will perform the e-mail blast.

What is needed to send the messages?
We only need the following information:
1.- Your design in JPG format.
2.- What do you want to put in the "Subject" of the message.
3.- What do you want to put in the "FROM" of the message.
4.- e-mail address where you want the other people can send you e-mails answering your ad and a link to include to your website.
5.- The list of your recipients in txt format separated by coma or by tab.
6.- Full information of your company, CCvB or tourist office, including full address, phone, fax and e-mail address.
7.- Number of messages to send and the date of each one.

The information, promotion and offer that is included in our e-mail blast, are total liability  from the advertiser, leaving Instant Courier without any liability.

We hope that all this information answer all of your questions, and also hope you can give us the opportunity in providing to you our service in a near future.


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