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Broadcaste-m@iltm Service

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Following please find all about our service:

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Who should use this service?
This service is used by Convention & Visitor Bureaus and Tourist Offices to let the travel agents know their monthly "calendars of events", Wholesalers to promote their "new promotions" or their "sale of the month", hotels to promote a new package or to inform their new promotions for a new season or long weekend specials, they use this service too in a way to lower their advertising costs in the regular printed publications, as we know in the last months they had increased their rates.

How often do I have to use this service?
For its low price, normally most of our clients send their information twice a week for a period of two months before and in their high season and for one month in low season to maintain presence in the industry, ´cause the cost is too low and all the information hits directly in the desk of their potential buyers and this is the real advantage of our service.

What are the advantages of this service compared against other type of advertising?
Compared to printed advertising of course is the cost, but also our budget sometimes is worth only for a black and white ad, with us you will have a full color adverting.

Compared with mass distributions of printed material, your information rarely will hit the people you plan to hit, as most of the times, the sales personnel do not see your material... they just put it in the shelves or sometimes your material ends at the end of a big pile of paper.

We do not want to say that printed adverting do not work, or mass distributions are useless but we know that now a days we need to handle our budgets better and advertise more our goods and services.

Which is the Coverage?
We have a large database that send e-mails to all the established travel agencies in Mexico with a potential to generate business and that have an e-mail account please consider that not all of the travel agencies have one as in Mexico we are a step behind America. We guarantee aprox. a total of 2490 agencies nationwide with an universe of about 8,000 travel agents and our database is growing as this travel agencies are sending us e-mail addresses of their freelance sales personnel to deliver to them the information of our clients directly. You may say that are not too many, but is real that the travel agencies that have a global reservations system and recognized by the International Air Transport Association are professional and serious in their work and there is where our mails will arrive.

Which is the cost of this service?
The cost of our Broadcast e-m@il service is really under the costs of printed advertising and mass distributions, as for only US$195.00 you can send up to 4 mails in a month with your message or ad, if you need to send a different message or ad each time, you will be charged US$30.00 for the making of each additional message or ad. Very Attractive isn´t it?

Form of Payment?
As your ads will be delivered immediately, the service will be paid once the definitive design has been authorized, making a deposit in our bank of Los Angeles, you will be informed of our account number and the number of ABA to make bank transfers.

What does it includes?
The cost for our Broadcast e-m@il service includes the use of our database, the elaboration of the first e-mail message with the format of your choice (regular plain text or html format which is more attractive including a link to your website if its exists) and of course the sending of your message.

How often can I send the messages?
You can send the messages that you want everyday the only that take sometime is the making of your messages (1 to 2 days), all depends how you want us to make it (plain text or html) as above mentioned.

What is needed to send the messages?
We only need the following information and the full payment before the first e-mail blast:
1.- All the information of the body of the message.
2.- What do you want to put in the "Subject" of the message.
3.- What do you want to put in the "FROM" of the message.
4.- e-mail address where you want the other people can send you e-mails answering your ad and a link to include to your website.
5.- Logos, photographs to include in the body of the message.
6.- Full information of your company, CCvB or tourist office, including full address, phone, fax and e-mail address.
7.- Number of messages to send and the date of each one.

We hope that all this information answer all of your questions, if not please do not hesitate to contact us, by clicking in the link at the end of this page.

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